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Chinese KAVIP International Service – Re-Charge Services

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KAVIP, the global Chinese integrated service mall manufacturer KAVIP, is a leading brand and has been growing for more than ten decades. It has been deeply engaged in the Internet business and contains over one million users globally.

As the first platform for Chinese provider, KAVIP Global Chinese Integrated Service Mall is dedicated to helping overseas Chinese customers resolve their top-ups and difficulties. Adhering to the cultural doctrine of « integrity, standardization, professional grade, compatible rationality, and innovation and advancement », they urge the creation of conscientious service suppliers.

Ten years of business expertise, advanced security system, ideal support system, 7*24 online client services. Should you encounter any problems during the procedure of utilizing KAVIP Chinese integrated service mall, please contact 7*24 online client support directly

The mall encourages more than 150 countries and regions. The price of the goods is exhibited in U.S. bucks. When trading, the exchange rate is automatically adjusted according to the global exchange rate, and the machine will be automatically converted to U.S. dollars. There are many payment methods from the mall. Inquiries will be answered 24 hours a day by the customer service.

Currency includes:

Euro, British pound, US dollar, Australian dollar, Ruble, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, Korean won, Hong Kong dollar, Bulgarian buck, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Estonian koruna, Hungarian forint, Israeli silver coin, Latvian money, Malaysian ringgit, Taiwan dollar , New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krona, Polish Nickel, SGD, Slovak Krone, Slovenian Money, South African Rand, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc and Thai Baht and all other global currencies.

Supported regions:

Support the purchase of important countries and regions on Earth, such as: United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, Indian Ocean and other countries.

Re-Charge Products

You can get recharges for the next apart from the many others we provide

Itunes recharge

Q currency recharge

WeChat recharge

Recharge on Alipay

Overseas recharge

Card recharge

Hand travel recharge

Source: Q币充值

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